7 Reasons Why I Love Iyengar Yoga

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Why I Love Iyengar Yoga

Yoga, the body-mind-soul approach, has numerous sub-branches – Ashtanga, Kundalini, Bikram, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Iyengar, Hatha Yoga and Yin. What distinguishes them is the specific frame element or ailments they target as well as the techniques every of them observe.

Iyengar Yoga takes its call from its founder B.K.S. Iyengar, the person who performed a key function in introducing yoga to the West. It is a traditional shape of yoga that offers importance to respiratory physical games (pranayama) and asanas to accurate postural alignment. Another spotlight function of Iyengar yoga is the usage of props.

This form of yoga has numerous blessings to the frame and is one of the maximum reachable. Here’s a list of 7 motives why I love Iyengar Yoga.

Stress buste

The asanas coupled with respiration physical games harmonizes the frame and the thoughts. With higher control over your mind, you’re capable of silence all inner talk in a demanding state of affairs. It is like meditation; you concentrate on your body and respiratory. Every asana is observed by way of the child pose, that lets your body and mind loosen up. Thus, it continues bodily and mental strain at bay. Not simply that, working towards it on a regular foundation develops intellectual clarity and improves awareness.

Builds postural strength

How Iyengar yoga blessings fitness is by way of creating an recognition of one’s own frame. The poses you maintain correct anatomical shape. There is more than a few asanas to teach you a way to stand, take a seat, sleep and so on. The asanas additionally enhance the middle parts of the body which includes the shoulders, back, arms and legs. These corrective measures also lessen stiffness inside the joints and ligaments. Building frame electricity may be very critical specially as the body a long time.


Does the notion of yoga get you jittery? Do those returned bends and leg stretches leave you thinking whether you will be capable of do it? Iyengar Yoga is easy to choose up and comply with because it helps you to work at your tempo. Iyengar Yoga takes into consideration the restrictions and fitness levels of every character. The use of props makes it more available. These consist of wooden blocks, belts, blankets, cushions, cylindrical pillows and so forth. They allow the individual to preserve a pose for a longer period constructing stamina gradually.

Increased flexibility

Iyengar Yoga stretches your muscle tissues to their most capacity. The inversions, stretches, twists and bends impact how flexibly you are capable of flow your body. Even in case you lack flexibility whilst you start off, you’ve got the props as an initial gaining knowledge of useful resource.

Back ache

This form of yoga is mainly designed for individuals who enjoy persistent lower back ache. Back and neck issues are generally prompted because of bad posture or muscular anxiety. Iyengar yoga enables overcome ache through correcting negative postural habits such as slouching.

Controlled urge for food

In Iyengar Yoga, there’s a unique principle that teaches one the way to modify appetite by using resisting cravings.

Immunity booster

Disease is often the result of a machine or organ dysfunction. Iyengar yoga improves blood move inside the body and strengthens the respiratory device. It has additionally shown to improve the digestive and anxious system by way of improving their characteristic. By ensuring all your structures are in pinnacle form, it makes positive the frame gets right nutrients and builds resistance towards infections and sicknesses.

In operating out your body, Iyengar Yoga does no longer simply attention on one unique muscle institution, but exercises the whole frame. It strengthens as nicely tones the muscle groups of your frame. The breathing exercises leave you greater energized at the cease of the day. The generated electricity is channeled properly throughout the body. As the focal point in Iyengar Yoga is on body alignment, the chances of harm and pain also are reduced to the minimal.

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