my router IP

My Router IP

The Internet has become a widely used tool in the day to day as it makes things much easier, allows the entertainment of the masses, and even has become elementary or indispensable for various processes or communications that can only be carried out by said medium.

To access an internet connection it is necessary to have a modem from a company that provides the service, in addition to this, there is a device known as a router that allows you to replicate an internet connection to other devices and even different computers using the WiFi connection. WHAT IT IS AND WHAT IT IS FOR

Routers usually come with a default configuration, which we can, and in all cases, we should modify to avoid unnecessary risks such as theft of our WiFi connection, slowing it down, or even that cybercrime is committed and link to our connection. That is why there is


My Router IP

The is a local IP address that allows us to enter through the internet in a configuration menu from our router to get the most out of all functions that allow us. This IP is usually the same for a large number of routers, and in cases where it is not, it usually has a minimal variant, since instead of being, it is or similar, so there are not many problems in this regard.

When entering the router’s configuration, it allows us to carry out a series of functions from the menu that shows us, among which we have:

  • Locate and change your access password.
  • Change the name and password of the WiFi signal.
  • Firmware update.
  • Open or close ports.


My Router IP

As mentioned a moment ago, it is accessed through the internet, for this, we must open our preferred browser, and once we are there, we must type in the address bar or enter The first thing that will appear will be a window indicating that you enter a username and password, they are usually generic and similar among all the routers, it can be found in the instructions for the device or even some models may have this information on a sticker pasted on the bottom or back of the router. If you don’t get them you can try:

  • Username: 1234 or admin.
  • Password: admin or 1234

Once this is done, the page that loads with is variable and depends on the brand of the router, in addition, it is possible that the names of the same option vary from one to the other. However, all of them usually have a similar structure, some 4 or 5 options that make up a folding menu.


My Router IP

Accessing allows us to properly configure our router as previously stated, the first thing to do then is modify the access password, for this we must go to an option that refers to something like “Administration” and then “Access configuration,” Remembering that there may be variables with similar names for these options.

Once there, the password is modified since the username can rarely be modified. These data must be saved very well as they are what we will need to access in the future.

The next thing to do is change the security of our WiFi network, which includes the name of the network and your access password. These networks usually have the company’s name in charge of developing the router or a combination of it plus the model.

For this, we must locate in the Configuration option something like Basic or Quick Configuration. Once there, there must be an option that allows access to the WiFi network configuration. Once a new user and password are established, we must modify it on all the connected devices we were connected to, but that is only done once.

However, other people decide to take advantage to update the firmware since with that, there is usually greater security in some cases. You can even improve the speed, that option is usually in a tab under the name of “Administration”, but this can be a delicate process, so if you are not sure it should not be done.

My Router IP

Finally, ports of the router can be opened or closed, in general, they are usually kept closed, but various situations involve keeping one or more ports open as for certain games, however, like the previous option, it is better to do it if you are sure of the procedure.

Without a doubt, the IP offers the necessary and elementary configuration that every Internet user must make to their router to enjoy more securely.

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