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Important of Stress Management: Why Stress Management is Important to your Health

Important of Stress Management

 Important of Stress Management

Why Stress Management is Important to your Health

Important of Stress Management: Modern life is full of hassles, time limits, frustrations, and demands. For many humans, pressure is so common that it has become a norm of existence. In small doses, Stress accounts for 80 percent of all illnesses either directly or indirectly. Stress weakens the immune system and has other extreme effects at the mind and body such as heart troubles, and mental illnesses.

Today, stress management is vital in every body’s lives. Stress control includes understanding the psychology behind or that is causing the pressure and finding strategies to deal with, reduce, or do away with the strain. Stress can end result from viewing yourself or your situations negatively or with lack of confidence.

What is Stress

Stress is nothing but mental fatigue. It is usually caused by situations where the level of demand is much higher than usual and by those in which physical integrity is in danger. In its fair measure, it is good, because it prepares your body to be able to respond effectively to certain challenges.

The problem comes when you are exposed to it for a very long period of time. It is then when it begins to have consequences for your health and for your relationships with the environment. Do you want to know how to recognize it and what to do when you are stressed? Keep reading.

Stress is a regular bodily reaction to occasions that make you feel threatened or disenchanted your balance in a few way for example when you sense threat whether or not it’s actual or imagined, the minds defenses kick in rapidly. The strain response is the minds manner of protective you.

How to identify stress

Important of Stress Management

If you are stressed, you will feel nervous, you may feel the need to eat at all hours even if you are not hungry, you will be irritable and grumpy and suffer anxiety attacks. You may feel some difficulty concentrating on a single task at the same time, you will suffer frequent forgetfulness. It is very common to think that you are not capable of doing a job or a task in the established time for it.

You can also be stressed if you notice some difficulty expressing yourself properly. This is because a multitude of thoughts crowds your mind. It may give you a fit of nervous laughter, or you may feel pain in your jaws when you get up, because you squeeze them hard at night. Fast breathing, insomnia, palpitations, and headaches and contractures in the neck and back are common.

What stresses you

Important of Stress Management

Many factors can influence your emotional well-being, and that may be causing all these symptoms. Most likely, several of them are occurring at the same time, but it is important to know what kinds of situations can cause stress. Some you will not be able to avoid because they are part of daily life, but you will be prepared to avoid being affected in the same way.

A move, the organization of a wedding, the creation of your own company, job insecurity, getting pregnant, family problems are the ones that can affect you the most. Being late for work, not having clean clothes to wear, traffic, an argument with your partner also causes stress, but they do it to a lesser extent.

Stress can be your worst enemy, find a way to calm your nerves

You must reflect on the causes of your stress. This way, you can minimize their effect, either avoiding them or taking palliative measures daily.

What type of stress am I having?

There are two different types of stress: acute and chronic. Acute stress is one that appears in a precise moment and disappears in a short period of time. It is the most common form of stress, and it does not have to be harmful to your health. All people feel this type of stress at some point in their life (even during the day).

The problem comes when those situations last over time, and the stress becomes chronic. You are always nervous because there is something that is not in order: they can be work, financial or emotional problems. Before the situation worsens, we must remedy it. If you can’t do it alone, going to a specialist will be your best option. A psychotherapist will help you control stress and anxiety attacks when the case is severe.

It is therefore important to know the causes and effects of stress in our life’s at the same time identify personal causers so that it can be properly managed.  Below are some common stress causers

  • Chronic worry
  • Major changes in life
  • Pressure from Workplace or school
  • Financial crisis
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Relationship challenges
  • Negative self-talk
  • Children and family
  • Rigid thinking
  • Mental attitude

 Important of Stress Management

Stress weakens the immune system

Constant stress can wreak havoc on our health. Knowing the techniques to alleviate it can save us before it is too late.

Stress is the set of elements that “force” living things to evolve to survive. This evolution is what has characterized humanity.

However, prolonged stress is what can go against people, having strong conditions. Among these conditions is the immune system.

Important of Stress Management,: How stress affects the immune system

Important of Stress Management

The human physiological system is programmed to stay adapted and live. Within this program, it is foreseen that it will be modified when necessary to respond to the demands of the environment.

For example, in the face of danger, the body secretes certain substances so that it can behave appropriately in the face of that reality. That is, there is adrenaline for you to either fight or run away. When resolved, it can be changed back to its previous state; This is when you can identify because you are in situations that generate anxiety, or that generate fear. Those sensations are precisely what your body secretes, so that you feel just that, and move to find a solution.

The biggest problem arises when that factor of “danger” is present for a long time. Then the body does not return to its natural state. It continues to secrete a number of substances, other than those in normal operation. He concentrates all his energy on being in a position of alert, of attack.

This affects the systems that must function regularly, such as metabolism, or of course, the immune system, the latter is the one that helps against diseases such as infections or respiratory tract.

 Important of Stress Management: How to strengthen yourself in the face of latent stress?

Important of Stress Management:

Some situations are not resolved quickly, and that last a considerable time. Therefore, it is important to know what are the possible strategies to deal with stress.

Basic physics

When a force is applied to a mass, it produces movement. Assuming stress was metaphorically a force on the body, the body needs movement to make room for that force.

This means moving towards solution options -if you are clear about it. If not, moving the body always helps release that tension. Dance, exercise, walk, clean the house, move around. Movement helps release stress.

Name your emotions

Important of Stress Management

We have the social conditioning of always appearing to be well. Even in the greeting, it is already standardized in a “how are you?”, Which everyone is used to both responding to and listening to “well, thank you.”

This distances us a lot from personal reality. Sometimes the answer is not “good”, because we are not. This does not mean that we answer the truth of what we live to anyone, but we can choose people to share our true feelings with. This social regulation makes it difficult for us to detect what our emotions are.

But being able to name our body sensations will give you a clue of what you feel. Talking to someone looking for the answer, sharing your thoughts and feelings, can help you find the central point to solve in your life. Talk about yourself, your emotions. If you have no one to do it with, write them down, draw them, translating them into a work of art can help you discover it.


Important of Stress Management

Laugh a little. Look for jokes, funny videos, and there is even a technique called laughter therapy, which tells how we can fool our body. That is, while you laugh, no matter what is feigned, your body will be moving the muscles that are to laugh, and will begin to secrete the substances of laughter and well-being.

Seek help

Important of Stress Management

Always seeking professional help is an option. They will be able to accompany you to find out what the stress factors are, in order to find a solution that reduces stress in your life. It will surely accompany you to seek actions that promote your well-being in all aspects of your life.

Other Remedies

Important of Stress Management

You can reduce your anxiety levels naturally to feel better. For this, the first thing is that you become aware of the situation and try to fix what does not fit. For example, if your relationship is causing you that feeling, you should sit down with your boy or girl and try to find a solution for what is happening to you.

Your stress may also be due to work. Maybe you have too many tasks assigned and feel like you don’t get to everything. If there is no possibility, you should prioritize. Find ways to be more efficient and rest from time to time. Even if it seems like you are wasting your time, then you will be much more focused, and your work will be better.

However, there are certain situations that we cannot control, and that makes us suffer day by day in one measure or another. In these cases, it is best to spend some time on our emotional well-being. If you’re stressed, you probably think you can’t slow down for a second because you’re not going to get to everything. As we said before, we must prioritize. What is more important: hanging clothes or your health?

Techniques like meditation and Mindfulness can do a lot for you. If you practice them frequently, you will be able to reduce your anxiety levels considerably. Every time you feel like you are out of air, go to a quiet place (it can be the office toilets, your car, or the street) and try to breathe deeply through your nose. Try to leave your mind blank, it is complicated, but with practice, you master yourself. Whenever a thought comes to you, let it go. It only takes a few minutes to reduce your nervousness.

Playing a sport is always beneficial in these cases. It does not matter which one you choose because while you do it, you will free your mind from all the worries that plague you daily. You can choose between high-performance sports, such as spinning, which will leave you physically exhausted, or those such as yoga that are based on inner calm. Choose the one that best suits your way of being and takes time from where there is not for your own emotional and physical well-being.

Important of Stress Management, Simple Stress management strategies:

  • Exploring strain coping programs, which can also incorporate meditation, yoga, tai chi, or different mild sporting events
  •  Engaging socially
  • Avoiding needless stressors by using placing priorities and studying to say “no” to duties
  • Changing the conditions, adapting or accepting the stuff you cannot exchange
  • Exercising frequently and adopting a wholesome way of life
  • Making time for belongings you experience and helping you loosen up
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