Importance of Pets During Quarantine Period

Importance of Pets

Importance of Pets: Animals always carry a number of benefits in people who have them, but even more in difficult situations.

In most places in the world, the coronavirus is hitting the population with absolute virulence. Practically from one day to the next, millions of people have been forced to stay at home for an unlimited time, being able to go outside only for absolutely necessary things, such as shopping, going to the doctor or the pharmacy.

Well, overcoming this quarantine is not easy, and psychologists recommend establishing routines that allow you to keep your mind busy, talk to family and friends or play sports, among many other things. One of these practices that are allowed by the Government despite the quarantine is to go for a walk with your dog. We must not forget that all dogs need to go out three times a day to walk and, above all, relieve themselves.

Although it is true that, in this situation of despair for many people, this is a way of getting out on the street and they do not think that it is something they have to do out of obligation and without delay, since it is not about going for a walk taking advantage of the fact that you have a dog, but you have to do it so that the animal can move beyond the house and to meet its needs.

Having A Cat Keeps Company

Importance of Pets

Having animals at home is always a joy for all those who love them, so having a pet at home always produces a feeling of tranquility and peace, but above all, the company. This is the most important thing in this moment of quarantine. In the case of cats, they are indeed much more independent than other animals, but your pet loves you and will show it to you at all times.

If you are alone at home because the quarantine has happened to you like this, either because you live alone in the city of confinement, or because you have not had time to go with your family or for any other reason, a cat will help you cope with this situation of a much happier way and feeling that there is an animal that you can lean on in your most vulnerable moments.


Importance of Pets

Routines allow you to keep your head busy and, with your cat, you will have the daily routine of meals, where you will have to put the food in his bowl and call him to eat and so on. This makes you stop thinking about what is happening to focus on something else.

Cleaning litter box:

Another situation that becomes routine is the fact of keeping clean the litter box in which your cat needs. It will be another activity that allows you to escape.


The feeling of petting your pet will generate a lot of tranquility, and you will feel that you have an animal that depends on you, and that loves you above all else.

Speak up:

People who have pets will surely understand this. When you have an animal and speak out loud when you are alone, you feel that your pet listens to you, so the loneliness will be less.

To Walk With The Dogs

Importance of Pets

Whoever has a dog at the moment must be feeling the luckiest person in the world, unless it is excessively hypochondriacal and it takes a lot of effort to go outside. During the quarantine, the Government has prohibited going outside except to make the necessary purchases, to work who cannot telework and other important aspects in people’s lives. One of those aspects is taking your dog for a walk, something that at first caused a lot of uncertainty due to the quarantine prohibitions.

Finally, it was pointed out that walking the dogs, obviously, was possible, but always with head and responsibility. People who have a dog can take their pet for a walk three times as necessary, so the great benefit of having a dog is that, go out and stretch your legs a little in the areas near your home and that way give you the sun in the middle of the quarantine.

It is clear that with dogs, it also happens a bit like with cats, which allows them to have a series of routines, something beneficial for people going through quarantine. You will have to give him his food at the appropriate times, bathe him when he plays and play with him at home to avoid stress. If you add the walks, it is clear that having a dog is tremendously beneficial to overcome the quarantine.

Rodents, Fish, Birds And Other Animals

It is true that having any animal at home will make the quarantine more bearable but, to be honest, as any other animal will not provide the benefits that a dog brings in this extreme situation. This does not mean that having any type of pet allows us to bear the quarantine much more easily for the love it transmits to us and for the company it gives us in the most difficult moments.

Rodents and rabbits:

Importance of Pets

These animals generate a series of routines that will make us keep our heads on our shoulders. With hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits, and other rodents and lagomorphs, we can play and watch them run around the house, which will fill us with joy. Also, we will have a series of established schedules to add the food of the day, change the water, and clean the cage every other day.


Importance of Pets

Who is not reassured by the song of a bird at home? People who have a little bird as a pet can enjoy listening to it, feeding it, and feeling accompanied at all times.


Reptiles are animals that allow less freedom from ‘caresses’ and entertainment, in the sense that some cannot be removed from their terrarium and others. However, that feeling of the company they provide is essential, and the issue of food and cleaning is a routine to keep the mind active.


Importance of Pets

Whoever has fish is because they are passionate about their care and their sinuous movements in the aquarium. For this reason, the thorough cleaning of the water, feeding them, and simply observing them can generate much-needed tranquility at this time.

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