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Top 5 Importance of Birds in Human Life + Different Types of Birds

A review of the most common exotic birds in homes

Importance of Birds

Top 5 Importance of Birds in Human Life + Different Types of Birds

What are Birds?

Birds are a group of warm-blooded vertebrates constituting the class Aves, characterized by feathers, toothless beaked jaws, the laying of hard-shelled eggs, a high metabolic rate, a four-chambered heart, and a strong yet lightweight skeleton

Birds occupy many ranges of trophic webs, from mid-level customers to top predators. As with different native organisms, birds help to keep sustainable populace degrees of their prey and predator species and, after death, supply meals for scavengers and decomposers.

Many birds are necessary for plant copy via their services as pollinators or seed dispersers. Birds additionally furnish crucial sources for their many host-specific parasites, inclusive of lice that devour solely feathers, flies tailored for residing on birds, and mites that hitchhike on birds from plant to plant and even between countries.

Some birds are viewed as keystone species as their presence in (or disappearance from) an ecosystem impacts different species indirectly. For example, woodpeckers create cavities that are then used by way of many different species. After the extinction of the dodo, it used to be observed that a tree whose fruits had been an essential meal object of the dodo used to be unable to reproduce except its seeds passing thru the dodos’ digestive tracts, which procedure scarified the seed coat and enabled germination.

Relationship between Birds and humans

Birds have been essential to people considering prehistory. To birds’ detriment, they and their eggs have been a necessary human food supply because people evolved, and we have hunted many species to extinction. Feathers commonly got through killing their unique owners, have been used as adornment in hats, headdresses, and capes. Birds are famous as “pets” for the duration of the world, and the pet alternate has pushed many species to the side of extinction.

More benignly, birds show up in old artwork and mythology worldwide. Birdsong enriches the outside for many people, and bird-watching is one of the fastest-growing leisure activities. Birds additionally have been the most important proposal for human flight.

Some birds can act as vectors for spreading diseases, such as psittacosis, salmonellosis, campylobacteriosis, giardiasis, and cryptosporidiosis, over lengthy distances. For example, feral pigeons are regularly regarded pests, owing to worries that they unfold diseases, such as psittacosis and salmonellosis, in their feces. Some additionally think about pigeons as an invasive species. Every year, hundreds of thousands of bucks are spent via cities to easy up pigeon feces and to “pigeon-proof” buildings.

The red-billed quelea (Quelea quelea) is the world’s most several chicken species (excluding domesticated species), with an estimated person breeding populace of 1.5 billion. It is a small passerine fowl of the weaver household Ploceidae. Quelea is native to sub-Saharan Africa. They are viewed as pests via farmers due to the fact they feed on grain and rice, and massive flocks of quelea regularly break complete fields of cereal crops.

What is the Study of Birds Called?

Ornithology (from the Greek phrases ornis, which means “bird,” and logos, which means “knowledge”) is the department of zoology worried with the find out about birds. The science of ornithology has a lengthy history, and research of birds aided the refinement of key standards of biology. By analyzing birds, we have developed our perception of speciation, evolution, island biogeography, conservation, and even learning.

A review of the most common exotic birds in homes

Importance of Birds

The birds in general and the exotic ones, in particular, are usually very loved as a domestic pet. Their brightly colored plumage, their ability to adapt well to man, their resistance, their easy feeding, and their ability to ‘talk’ make many of us want to keep them at home as a pet. For this reason, we offer you five exotic bird species.


Importance of Birds

The parakeet is a very popular bird as a pet around the world. It is characterized by being a very sociable bird, it loves to play and even sing and imitate the human voice. Therefore, it has a very happy character, but it is a calm bird and, also, easy to tame. As for its size, it is usually close to 18 centimeters and weighs approximately 35 grams. It has an average life of between 8 and 10 years.

This bird attracts attention for its plumage, colorful and striking. They tend to highlight green, blue, or yellow. It should be noted that each one is unique, with different stripes and shapes. On its legs, it has four fingers, two forwards, and two backward, which allow it to climb without a problem. The peak is characterized in that the upper part protrudes from the lower part. His eyes are located on each side of the head.

As we have pointed out, they are very active and even singing birds. We advise you to put a partner with it, because that way you won’t have to pay too much attention to them.

Their diet is based on the seeds of oats, birdseed, wheat, and millet mainly. Don’t forget that water is essential and that you always have to keep the drinking fountain full and clean. Also, remember to clean the base of the cage and the food container for basic care.

Blue And Yellow Macaw

Importance of Birds

The macaw is a species of bird belonging to the parrot family. And, along with its showiness, you will love this animal for its cheerful and social character. Even if you reinforce him with food and other things, he is an animal capable of learning sounds and words easily.

You should know if you have decided to have it as a pet, which has a great dependence on its owners. Therefore, you need to spend as much time as possible in the company and distracted. Otherwise, it can adopt aggressive behaviors. Even if the pet is depressed, it can tear off its feathers.

Its size is much larger than the previous bird. It ranges between 75 and 85 cm. The weight, between 900 and 1500 grams. For this, you need a cage large enough so that it can comfortably open its wings. It has a long life, easily exceeding 50 years. As its name indicates, the upper part of its body is turquoise blue, while the back is yellow-gold.

It highlights the upper part of the head in green and its face or white cheeks. For food, you can use feed, seeds, nuts, sprouts of legumes; but it also accepts almost all kinds of fruits, carrots, or zucchini. However, citrus is not recommended.

Monk parakeet 

Importance of Birds

This bird is also a relative of the parrot and raised as a pet. Larger than the parakeet, it measures between 28 and 31 centimeters. As for the weight, it is between 1 kilo 200-400 grams. Its intense green feathers stand out, with more bluish wings. Its short legs are adapted for climbing trees. In addition, they usually use them as hands when they go to eat something. But, without a doubt, its most significant function and one that strikes us in the way they walk. It is a characteristic, happy, and fun walk.

Regarding his behavior, it should be noted that he likes to live in a group and make sounds that can sometimes be annoying. And more than sounds, the parrot is famous for being talkative. They remember words and phrases and have great memories that they use to retain actions, such as opening the cage. Seeds and grains are the favorite foods of this exotic bird. But, again, it admits vegetables like chard or lettuce and fruits like apple and pear. Bread or cookies can serve as prizes for the parrot.


Importance of Birds

This bird is smaller, like the parakeet, between 13 and 16 centimeters. Depending on the species, they are of one color or another, but the most frequent are green or orange-reds. However, it is always a very colorful plumage.

This exotic bird is again characterized by its lively, lively, social demeanor. They love to have fun, play. It is a loving bird, not only with its partner, but with its owners. It should be noted that they are territorial, that is, they may not accept a stranger in their space in a good way, so you will have to get them used to it from the beginning if you want to have more than one bird.

However, although it loves to make sounds, it is difficult for them to learn to speak. Feeds mainly on oat seeds, birdseed, or sunflower seeds, also accepts vegetables and fruits. Also, remember to place a cuttlefish bone to provide it with calcium, necessary to grow properly.

Greenfinch: know this type of bird

Importance of Birds

There are many different types of pets, so it is normal that we have doubts when considering which is the most suitable for us. Birds are an ideal option for those who are looking for a companion animal that involves little economic expense in terms of acquisition and care, and who also wants to avoid having to make a great effort to take it out for a walk.

However, there are also many cares that we must have for a bird, of whatever breed, if we have it at home as a pet. The cage must be big enough for our bird to feel happy, and it must always be clean. Food and water must be changed daily, and we must take into account if our type of bird likes to fly around the home for a while, always taking care that it cannot harm itself or that it does not escape.

It is very common to see different types of birds in stores when we are thinking of acquiring one as a pet, but some of these birds are also present in freedom in the towns and cities of our country. One of these is the Greenfinch, a friendly and easy-care bird that can become the best company for you at home.

Greenfinch Origins and Characteristics

Importance of Birds

The Greenfinch is not an exotic bird but is one of the most common in Europe. For this reason, it is normal to see many of these birds in mountain areas, especially those that have several pine forests, as this is where they like to settle and lay their nests. However, as we mentioned, it is also normal for them to adapt to the climate and the movement of towns and cities, normally installing their nests also in the pines.

It usually migrates in the late summer from the Iberian Peninsula to other countries where it is warmer during winter. We will be able to distinguish the Greenfinch from other types of birds, because it is small in size (between 12 and 15 centimeters long), it has a long and fine brown bill, like the legs, and it has short and small feathers all over the body in green, brown and yellow colors. The tail feathers being a little longer.

As for the sounds it emits, the Greenfinch can have a light and a quite peculiar song, especially when it wants to attract other birds’ attention. It is usually quite a melodic song, and sometimes it can also imitate other birds that are close to it, as other types of birds do.

The Greenfinch as A Pet

Importance of Birds

If we are thinking of having a Greenfinch as a pet, we must bear in mind that we must provide all the care it needs to feel healthy and well cared for with us at home.

The first thing to do is to get a cage big enough for the bird to move freely. This should always be clean, since the birds do not defecate in a specific place, so you must put it in another cage while cleaning theirs with the appropriate products, at least twice a week.

Buy the right food for these types of pets and feed them as recommended by your vet. In freedom, they can eat seeds, fruits, or small insects, but it is better to give them specific feed for this specific bird. Also, you should change the container with clean water whenever necessary, if you want it to stay healthy and well cared for.

You can let it fly free for a little while at home if you prefer, but you must be very careful that it does not run away, does not get into the furniture or an object in which it can hurt itself and above all have it guarded at all times until put it back in the cage.

It is usually a very happy bird that will give good music to your home. Also, the economic cost involved is little and does not oblige you to educate them or take them out as strictly as other types of pets.

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