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Importance of Animal Husbandry

Importance of Animal Husbandry

Importance of Animal Husbandry in Human Life

What is Animal Husbandry?

Animal husbandry refers to farm animals raising and selective breeding. It is the management and care of animals in which the genetic traits and behaviour of animals are similarly advanced for income. A large number of farmers rely on animal husbandry for their livelihood.

Animal husbandry presently focuses on health, reproduction, and security. Globally, there is a constructed environment friendly and hygienic systems, which have been optimized commercially for production. Recent cognitive research discloses a new dimension that we need to be organized to accommodate if we want our animals to stay healthy, gratifying lives and if industrial practices are to remain sustainable. The significance of animal husbandry techniques and animal housing is no longer underestimated, as they affect health and production.

Animals are bred commercially so as to meet the high call for food. Dairy products from animals like cows, buffaloes, goats, are rich resources of protein. These animals are referred to as milky animals as they offer us with milk.

Animals provide us with food products that have high nutrient values. Therefore, they require a variety of care and interest.

Another set of animals that offer nutrient-rich food are bird, geese, goose, and so forth. They provide us with eggs which once more are rich sources of protein.

Animals like fowl, duck, ox, goat, pigs, and so on are bred for meat. Other than those domestic animals we have different resources of vitamins as nicely, they are marine animals. The seafood we consume has very high nutrient values. They are assets of a spread of nutrients like fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

The care, breeding, management, and so forth of animals are particularly monitored underneath the department of animal husbandry. Animal husbandry is a large-scale commercial enterprise. The animals are bred, cared, reared and sheltered in a farm or place which might be especially built for them. Animal husbandry includes poultry, milk-farms, apiculture (bee agriculture), aquaculture, and so forth.

Let us have an in depth examine the special sorts of animal husbandry.

Importance of Animal Husbandry, Types of Animal Husbandry

There are 4 important types of animal husbandry practiced in the world nowadays:

Fish Farming

Fish farming is the manner of elevating fish in closed tanks or ponds for business functions. There is an increasing call for for fish and fish protein. Fish species such as salmon, catfish, cod, and tilapia are raised in fish farms.

Fish farming or pisciculture is of kinds:

•          Extensive aquaculture, primarily based on the local photosynthetic production

•          Intensive aquaculture, based totally at the outside food supply given to fishes.

Bee Farming

Bee farming or apiculture is the exercise of retaining bee colonies through humans in guy-made hives. Honey bees are reared on a big scale. The bees are domesticated for honey, wax, and to pollinate plant life. They also are to different beekeepers for the same purposes. The vicinity where bees are stored is called an apiary or a bee backyard.

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is the agricultural approach worried with the long-time production of milk which is then processed to gain dairy products including curd, cheese, yoghurt, butter, cream, etc. It entails the control of dairy animals together with cows, buffaloes, sheep, goat, and many others.

The animals are taken care of in opposition to illnesses and are inspected often by using veterinary medical doctors. A wholesome animal is bodily, mentally and socially sound.

These animals are milked by means of hand or via machines. The milk is preserved and transformed into dairy merchandise industrially which can be then used for industrial purposes.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is worried with elevating and breeding of birds for business functions. Birds like ducks, chickens, geese, pigeons, turkeys, and so forth. Are domesticated for eggs and meat.

It could be very critical to attend to the animals and maintain them in disorder-loose surroundings to gain wholesome food from them. The eggs and meat are a wealthy supply of protein.

Sanitation and hygiene situations want to be maintained. The faeces of birds are used as manure to improve the soil fertility. Poultry farming gives employment to a huge variety of human beings and facilitates in enhancing the economic system of the farmers.

Importance of Animal husbandry

Advantages of Poultry Farming:

Poultry farming has the subsequent blessings.

It presents eggs and meat which can be fairly nutritious meals. They are a wealthy source of animal protein, minerals, right kind of fat and nutrients (A, В and D) for proper fitness. Unfertilized eggs are known as “vegetarian eggs”.

By promoting the eggs and meat of those birds, the farmers grow to be economically better. Poultry farming affords employment to a huge quantity of people.

The faecal rely of birds shape a rich manure which increases the fertility of soil. It will increase crop yields.

Feathers of the birds are useful.

The birds of poultry are also a means of recreation. Coloured chickens provide satisfaction appearance. Cock-preventing is famous in some humans

Importance of Animal Husbandry in Human Life:

Importance of Animal Husbandry; Dairy Products: 

Mammalian farm animals can be used as a supply of milk and dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc.

Importance of Animal Husbandry for Meat:

It is the manufacturing of a beneficial shape of dietary protein and energy.

Importance of Animal Husbandry in Land management:

The grazing of cattle is occasionally used as a way to manipulate weeds and undergrowth. For example, in areas susceptible to wildfires, goats and sheep are set to graze on a dry shrub, which reduces the chance of fires.

Importance of Animal Husbandry for Fiber:

Livestock produces different fiber/textiles. For example, sheep and goats produce wool, and deer and sheep can make leather.

Importance of Animal Husbandry for Labour:

Animals such as horses, donkeys, and yaks can be used for mechanical energy. Before steam power, cattle have been the just available supply of non-human labor. They are nonetheless used for this motive in many locations of the world, which includes ploughing fields, transporting items, and navy functions.

Importance of Animal Husbandry for Fertilizer:

Manure can be unfolded on fields to expand crop yields. It is an essential purpose why historically; plant and animal domestication have been intimately linked. Manure is also used to make plaster for partitions and flooring and can also be used as a gasoline for fires. The blood and bones of animals are additionally used as fertilizer.

What are the crucial strategies for Livestock improvement?

These are breeding, weed­ing, feeding, and heeding:

  1. Both the male and girl animals were chosen for breeding need to be of most desirable quality.
  2. Weeding goals that uneconomic animals should be averted from reproducing.
  3. Feeding is additionally very essential for animals.

Each animal has to be fed on a stability ration, (iv) Heeding (pay interest to) implies precise animal administration and universal supervision, housing care, and upkeep of ideal cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Health Care:

According to WHO, ‘health’ is the nation of the whole physical, intellectual, and social being and no longer the absence of disease. A wholesome animal eats drinks and sleeps nicely regularly. Therefore, accurate fitness is essential.

  • Suitable Environmental Conditions:

Adequate ventilation, appropriate temperature, sufficient light, water, air, and well-drained housing lodging have to be provided.

  • Regular Inspections:

The above referred to measures would, of course, require regular inspections, with suited file keeping. Regular visits by way of veterinary medical doctor would be necessary.

Thus, the productive potentialities of stay inventory are managed via three precept factors; (i) genetic make-up (ii) vitamin and (iii) surroundings along with the climatic conditions. “Father of white revolution in India” is Verghese Kurien.

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