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Importance of Algae in Human Life

importance of algae

Importance of Algae

What is Algae?

Algae are a large and diverse group of microorganisms which could perform photosynthesis on account that they capture power from sunlight. Algae play an crucial function in agriculture wherein they’re used as biofertilizer and soil stabilizers. Algae, mainly the seaweeds, are used as fertilizers, resulting in much less nitrogen and phosphorous runoff than the only from the use of cattle manure.

This in turn, increases the pleasant of water flowing into rivers and oceans. These organisms are cultivated round the arena and used as human food dietary supplements. They can produce a easy and carbon-neutral food also and may be grown on deserted lands and arid barren region lands with minimum demands for fresh water.

Seaweeds are an crucial source of iodine. Iodine tiers in milk rely upon what the cow generating the milk has been fed with. Feeding milk farm animals with seaweeds can boom the amount of iodine in milk, in step with Fuzhou Wonderful Biological Technology. Egg-laying price in fowl is likewise elevated through algae feed additives. In this text, we mentioned the maximum essential elements of algae and its agricultural uses to individuals who paintings in this region.

Algae belong to the kingdom of Protista. They do have a size that ranges from all the microscopic Micromonas species to any giant kelp of around 60 meters (200 feet) in length. They are currently playing an important role in the economic system of so many countries. They can be used as fertilizers or as food.

Importance of Algae As a Fodder

The seaweeds including with Ascophyllum, or Fucus as well as Laminaria all of them are used in the food category for cattle or sheep.  Just based on its high content of vitamin or mineral, seaweed meal is even used as nutrition as well. Egg-yolks of fowl fed on the chopped phaeophytes are even rich in the amount of carotene as well as iodine.

Industrial Importance of Algae

Agar, or carrageenan, plus alginates as well as diatomite all of them are derived commercially from the algae. There are so many minerals that are also extracted from the Algae. Agar-Agar is the one that is extracted from the species of the red algae that is primarily from Gelidium, as well as Gracilaria.  You can find it to be used as the culture medium in different biological laboratories in a form of stabilizer or as an emulsifier in food, or cosmetics, and in pharmaceutical industries.

Agricultural Importance of Algae

A terrestrial alga is playing a major role when it comes to the biology of the soil. Blue-green algae are considered to be the chief agents for the nitrogen fixation in different rice fields.  Red Algae and larger brown are often used as organic fertilizers. They do have a high amount of potassium but they are lacking in the phosphorus and nitrogen content.

Importance of Algae in Sewage Disposal

Sewage is all about domestic and industrial waste.  Disposal of sewing is defined as an aerobic process and it does require some oxygen which is often released by the algae. Sewage oxidation ponds are also created to bring about a complete range of oxidation of sewage into different mineral components through the use of oxygen that is released by algae during the process of photosynthesis. Some oxidation ponds even support the luxuriant growth of the algae which is helpful in its bacterial decomposition by offering some oxygen.

Importance of Algae in Medicines

Brown algae are used in a number of goiter drugs due to the fact of their excessive iodine content. Agar-agar is used in making many types of pills, ointments and laxative. Carrageenan extract acts as a blood coagulant. Antibiotics from algae are regarded which inhibit quite a few species of bacteria.

Negative Economic Importance of Algae

Toxins liberated via algae into the water and byproducts of algal decay can kill at least some types of fishes and are accountable for the loss of life of fish and shellfish. Some algae can deliver about the loss of life of farm animals, as an end result of their exotoxin and endotoxins. There may also have the opportunity of demise from blue-green algal poisoning outcomes lung hemorrhages and liver lesions. A thick boom of seaweeds now and again effects in full-size make bigger in friction between hull and water thereby shortening the vessel life.

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