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Importance of Agriculture; 8 Reasons Why Agriculture is Important

Importance of Agriculture

Importance of Agriculture: Agriculture is basically the art and business of rearing animals as well as cultivating soil for production of crops. World Bank report in 2015 indicates that about two thirds of the world population are live in rural areas, which are predominantly agriculture-oriented areas. Therefore, in respect to poverty eradication and raising the welfare standards of the population; more focus should be put on agricultural activities.

Agriculture has been associated with the production of vital crops as well as rearing of animals. At present, agriculture go above and beyond farming to include forestry, dairy, fruit cultivation, poultry, beekeeping, mushroom, animals, etc. It also includes processing, advertising, and distribution of crops and cattle products, etc.

 Thus, agriculture may be known as the production, processing, merchandising, and distribution of agricultural produce. In addition to offering meals and raw cloth, agriculture additionally offers employment opportunities to a completely big percent of the populace

Importance of Agriculture

Importance of Agriculture as Source of Livelihood

Most people’s essential source of livelihood is farming. About 70% of human beings, especially in rural areas depend on agriculture as a source livelihood. Creating employment to the masses is also any other essential function that agriculture performs in any economy.

Importance of Agriculture

Many workers rely upon agriculture to get their wages. They can include, grass cutters, tractor drivers, farming equipment technicians, or everybody who’s directly involved in farming sports. That stated, agriculture permits manpower to be shifted between the rural and non-agricultural sectors.

 Importance of Agriculture to the International Trade

Agricultural products like sugar, tea, rice, spices, tobacco, coffee, etc. represent the major portion of exports for countries that depend on agriculture. If there’s better merchandised agricultural activities, it helps improvement of agriculture produce hence imports are decreased while export will increase appropriately. This helps to reduce countries’ unfavorable stability of payments as well as saving foreign exchange. This amount can be appropriately used to import different critical inputs, equipment, raw materials and other infrastructure this is useful for the development of a nation.

Importance of Agriculture as source of Raw Materials

In many countries, the main source of raw materials to essential industries is agriculture. A lot  of those raw materials is sourced from agriculture. Materials such as cotton are use in fabric industries as raw materials. In addition, merchandise like tea, espresso, sugar, tobacco, and dairy products offer raw materials for diverse essential industries like leather-based and sports industries

 Importance of Agriculture as source of Food Security

 A solid agricultural activity guarantees a nation of food security. The most important requirement of any country is food security. Food security prevents malnourishment that has traditionally been believed to be one of the common problems faced by developing countries.

Agriculture is the sector’s leading source of food basket. All the meals substances that are important viz. Agriculture produces greens, proteins, and oils.

The carbohydrates offer human beings with energy. These are produced in form of grains that grow in farms such as rice, wheat, and potatoes.

It’s useful to build our bodies, that is proteins. They are distributed by agriculture as grams and other leguminous items. Such commodities include beans, pulses which include black gram, Bengal gram, green gram, and many others. Other protein sources such as pork, fish, and dairy also are depending on farming. Protein from vegetarian sources is cheap and wholesome without the risk of ailment. People, therefore, depend upon protein from agriculture for their daily desires.

Agriculture is Important

It is essential for fat and oils supply. These may be acquired with the aid of growing sunflower, groundnut, mustard, sesame, and so on. From agriculture. Fruits: culmination have natural and intact meals content due to the fact they don’t need to prepare dinner. Children, the elderly and ill human

Most nations depend on agricultural merchandise as well as related industries for his or her major source of profits.

Importance of Agriculture for infrastructural development

Almost all countries in the world are continuously seeking to improve its infrastructure with agriculture playing an integral part. With properly-organized infrastructure, the country may even enjoy fast economic improvement. This is due to the fact good infrastructure enables short way of delivery and communication for agricultural produce.

The bulk of agricultural products are transported by railways and roadways from farms to factories. Mostly, agricultural merchandise are source of revenue for authorities  for the development of this infrastructure.

Importance of agriculture for Medicine

Agriculture contribute immensely to the field of medicine. For example, Papain enzyme is extracted from the fruit of papaya. This papain is used as an enzyme for indigestion for one of the digestive enzymes. Especially useful for the aged and sick. This papain is obtained by means of the cultivation of papaya on a large scale.Others include Laxatives: Cultivation of Espagnol used for moderate constipation treatment.

Alkaloids: Like a drug, maximum alkaloids are used. Opium alkaloids such as morphine relieve excessive pain, cough, and lose actions as nicely. These are received in farms via the growth of opium poppy flora.

Glycosides: These are a few vital principles of medication. Examples consist of heart failure cardiac glycosides which includes digitalis. Senna is a glycoside utilized in constipation remedy. Steroidal glycosides for the manufacturing of steroid pills in the coronary heart.

Importance of agriculture to National Income

Agriculture is the primary source of countrywide revenue for both developed and developing countries. However, for developed countries, agriculture contributes a smaller percent to their country wide revenue. In many developed and developing nations international, agriculture contributes a massive percentage of the country revenue. In reality, most developing countries’ annual revenue is over 50% dependent on agriculture. Taxes accumulated from industries, employees, as well as those imposed on agricultural products are very essential in the direction of the powerful development of the countrywide financial system.

 Importance of agriculture Biodiversity

Agricultural biodiversity is a broad term that includes all additives of biological variety related to food  and agriculture, and all additives of organic diversity that make up agricultural ecosystems, additionally called agroecosystems: the range and version of animals, flora, and micro-organisms at the genetic, species and environment levels had to sustain key habitats.

Agricultural biodiversity provides human beings with food and raw materials for products such as clothing cotton, fuel-wood, shelter, medicinal plants and roots, and biofuel resources, as well as employment and livelihoods, including those derived from subsistence agriculture.

Agricultural biodiversity performs ecosystem services such as soil and water preservation, soil fertility and biota protection, and pollination, all of which are necessary for human survival.

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