How To Remove Stickers: Very Quick & Easy

How To Remove Stickers

How To Remove Stickers Very Quickly & Easily

How To Remove Stickers :There’s a variety of ways to remove leftover sticker residue from basically any surface. Next, we will tell you some effective ways to remove stickers from the car body, glass, metal, wood, plastic and fabric

How To Remove Stickers from cars

How To Remove Stickers

The best way to do this is to use a hairdryer. It is important that you heat the sticker evenly with blow-dryer air and do not concentrate on one point, as this could damage the paint on the car. After a minute of hot air treatment, you can easily peel off the sticker. If adhesive residue remains, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth and a little dishwashing liquid if necessary.

How To Remove Stickers from the glass

How To Remove Stickers

You bought a set of beautiful new glasses, and now you have to pinch off the adhesive labels from each individual glass. This is easier if you use a hairdryer to work on the stickers – but be careful! This will make the glass very hot!

Vinegar is less risky: rub the sticker with it and let it work for a minute. Then you can easily remove the sticker. If you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can instead choose fragrant essential oils. Rub the stickers well with 2-3 drops of lemon or orange oil, especially on the corners. After that, the sticker can easily be removed. If it is a little difficult, add more drops of oil.

If you want to remove old vignettes from your car window, it is best to spray them with glass cleaner. Then you can scrape off the vignette with a glass scraper (order here from Amazon *).

How To Remove Stickers from metal

How To Remove Stickers

If warm water and the washing-up liquid didn’t help, you should try to remove stickers from metal with alcohol. Simply dip a cotton pad in vodka and rub the sticker with it. You may have to repeat this process several times and let the alcohol soak in for up to an hour.

Alternatively, oil is also suitable for removing stickers from metal. The application is the same as for alcohol. Both alcohol and oil do not attack the metal and are therefore harmless.

How To Remove Stickers from wood

How To Remove Stickers

Your children have glued stickers to their room door and actually all other furniture? Do not worry. The best way to remove stickers from wood is with soapy water or vinegar. Apply the solution to the sticker and let it soak in for a minute so that the adhesive dissolves.

Then you can best scrape off the stickers with a thin spatula. It has no sharp edges like regular scrapers and therefore, does not damage the wood.

How To Remove Stickers from plastic

How To Remove Stickers

Plastic and plastic are quite sensitive when it comes to aggressive cleaners. It’s best to try water and dishwashing first. If that didn’t help, you could also rub the sticker with vinegar.

If simple home remedies don’t work, you have to resort to the more aggressive home remedies. You can also remove stickers from plastic with acetone-free nail polish. To do this, apply some of the nail polish to a cotton pad and rub the sticker with it. The nail polish remover dissolves the adhesive, and then you can use the cotton pad to rub the sticker very easily.

This trick is great for gifts that you want to remove the price tag from before you give it away. Even adhesive residues on book covers can be removed quickly and easily with acetone-free nail polish. However, only test the nail polish in an inconspicuous area, as a result, the plastic loses its colour.

How To Removeadhesive residue from the fabric

How To Remove Stickers

In the case of adhesive residue on fabric, treatment with stain remover and a subsequent wash cycle are usually sufficient. Of course, this cannot be easily implemented with a carpet. Sometimes an ice cube helps here. Certain adhesives become crumbly when they freeze so you can scrape them off (for example with a razor blade).

If the sticker remains on the carpet, an ice cube will not help. You can try the opposite here: work with heat. Place a paper towel over the affected area and then iron it. With a little luck, the glue will pull into the kitchen paper.

If everything does not help, then the only option left is to clean the carpet. As a rule, however, all adhesive residues are gone afterwards.

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