Fogging Up? 4 Ways to Prevents Glasses from Fogging Up when you Wear Mask

Fogging Up

Fogging Up: During the last months, we have all added a new accessory to our daily looks that, although many of us do not like it, it is for our safety and well-being. I am talking about the face mask, which became mandatory for the Covid-19 health contingency, and for many, it is something completely new.

And it is true that nurses and doctors use them in their daily work, but adding it to our daily list of things to wear has been difficult, and although it gives us protection, for the girls who wear glasses, wearing it has been an odyssey.

Fogging Up Problem: Do your lenses fog up when wearing face masks?

Fogging Up

If your answer to that question is a resounding yes, let me tell you why this happens. Basically it is because when the hot and humid air comes out of our mouth or nose, and escapes through the top of the mask, it comes into contact with the cold environment that exists between your skin and the glass of your glasses, which causes that the steam particles condense and adhere to the glass, causing their fogging. As it is something that is happening to many people, several tips have been created that can work, so we want to share them with you, so that you put an end to that uncomfortable situation.

Fogging Up ?First the mask, then the glasses

Fogging Up

It may sound very obvious, but many people can do it the other way around. Put your mask on first, and then put the glasses on, making sure the glasses step on the fabric of the mouthpiece a bit; In this way, the pressure of the glasses frame will prevent hot air from escaping from the top and will have to escape from the bottom, so your lenses will no longer fog.

Fogging Up ?The bar of soap method

Fogging Up

For this trick, you will need high quality soap, preferably neutral. What you will do is cut a small piece and start rubbing it on the inside of the glass of the glasses; Do it gently and always taking care that your lenses are not scratched. After rubbing with the soap, do it with your fingers to distribute the product well on the glass, and finally, do it a third time, but now with the handkerchief with which you usually clean it always, making sure that you do not remove all the soap because the trick is to leave a thin layer of it.

Fogging Up ?Add a pipe cleaner to your mask

Fogging Up

If you have used medical masks, you may have noticed that they have a small metal strip in the nose area, so that it can be molded to it and thus does not move. You can do the same with your mask, you just need a pipe cleaner and make a small opening in the upper area and place the band aid; this way, when you put it on, you only need to adjust the pipe to the shape of your nose, and goodbye to the fogging of your lenses.

Fogging Up The last option

Fogging up

If none of the above options have worked for you, it is not synonymous with the fact that you should live with your foggy lenses whenever you wear masks. What you can do is place your mask a little more towards the tip of the nose, in this way, the distance between your face, the air outlet will be larger and will not tarnish your lenses.

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