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Effects Of Sun On Skin: 7 remedies to combat the effects of the sun on the skin

Effects Of Sun On Skin

Effects Of Sun On Skin : Sunlight can be good for us, but too such sun causes skin damage. According to MedlinePlus when your body is trying to defends itself against UV rays, it turns  skin tans or darkens when exposured too much the the sun. allows UV rays to reach your inner skin layers. You know this as sunburn. This can cause skin cells to die, damaged (Sunburn) photoaging (premature skin aging caused by the sun), hyperpigmentation and sun allergies are examples of visible skin damage.

Effects Of Sun On Skin

The sun affects us during the 12 months of the year, but it does it, especially in those months of intense heat during the summer. Therefore, we must take into account the importance of protecting ourselves every day when we go out, since the sun can have irreversible effects on our skin. If we always keep in mind the remedies to combat the effects of the sun on the skin, we will avoid suffering sunburn naturally, marks, and possible diseases in our body.

Aloe Vera to combat the effects of the sun on Skin

Effects Of Sun On Skin

There is an ideal product to calm our skin after a long exposure to the sun in which we have very possibly suffered some type of burn. When we get home, we will cut one of the aloe vera leaves and directly spread the gel inside on the skin that is most affected by the sun. We will quickly notice how our skin relaxes, and the itching stops.

Repair the effects of the sun on skin with cucumber

Effects Of Sun On Skin

The cucumber will help us to relax, refresh, and improve our skin. The way we can do it is by breaking it into slices to apply it to our body. Otherwise, we can also beat it and apply the resulting puree to the skin for a few minutes and then remove it with fresh water. Without a doubt, a good way to care for our skin naturally and effectively.

Use Baking soda to combat effects of the sun on skin

Effects Of Sun On Skin

This natural product will help us balance our body’s pH and acidity from those levels that have been altered by constant exposure to the sun and subsequent burns. We must proceed with the application of the bicarbonate on our body to create a paste with water, so that it has enough consistency to be able to apply it to burns. Then, we will let it rest on them until it dries completely and removes it with cold water.

Coconut oil to relieve irritation,Effects Of Sun On Skin

Effects Of Sun On Skin

The coconut oil will help us regenerate our skin, relieve pain involving burns, and also healthy and keep hydrated. We will apply it as many times as necessary until we notice that our skin begins to change in appearance and tone.

Plain yogurt Helps Effects Of Sun On Skin

Effects Of Sun On Skin

Few products transmit as much freshness and hydrate as quickly as this healthy yogurt. The way to apply it is with cotton on the most affected area. We will let it rest for about 20 minutes for the skin to repair, and then we will remove them by removing the excess yogurt from the skin. Yogurt can also be substituted for cold milk.

Vinegar to cure the effects in the sun on skin

Effects Of Sun On Skin

Both to avoid itching and itching and inflammation caused by the sun, a solution is vinegar. We will introduce the body in the shower and sprinkle it gently with vinegar. We will wait about 15 minutes, and then we will wash the body with water and neutral gel.

Properties of oatmeal for sunburn,Helps Effects Of Sun On Skin

Effects Of Sun On Skin

The properties that oats contain for daily consumption are well known, but we do not know that they also have them to apply to our body in case of sunburn or irritation.

The treatment would be to make a paste with oats and water, and when it is consistent, apply it directly to those areas most affected by the sun. In addition, another of the things we can do with oats is to put it in a bathtub full of water and then immerse our body in it.

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