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Cats With Different Colored Eyes !What Colors can Cats Have Their Eyes?

Cats With Different Colored Eyes

Cats With Different Colored Eyes

Cats With Different Colored Eyes

Cats can have different colored eyes. Some are born, and others change with age.

When we acquire a pet, there are many things that we consider. More than the physical, we must first think about the needs that this animal requires. In this way, we will know if we can provide him with everything that this companion animal needs to be happy in our home and if we are destined to dedicate all the time and effort necessary to ensure that he is well educated, healthy, and happy.

Once we have determined which is the best pet according to our situation and the time we want to dedicate to it, the cat is surely one of our first options. And this beautiful feline does not need us to take him down to the street to walk like dogs, and we can train him so that he learns to live with us at home, dedicating the time he needs to play with him and making sure that his sand box is always clean, just like the water and food we give him on a daily basis.

Cats With Different Colored Eyes

When choosing a cat, there will be many factors that we must also take into account. There are many breeds of cats, and among them, the differences are usually minimal. Whether it is the color of the coat, the size of the cat itself, long or short hair, a more territorial or docile character, or the color of the eyes.

One of the most beautiful aspects of cats’ physiognomy is the eyes. These are usually large, shredded, and very diverse in color. The most common are usually green or blue, although there are many breeds and many cats in the world, so the beauty of this trait in your pet can be very diverse.

Discover what colors cats can have their eyes to know which one you like the most and, even if your pet does not have them in this shade and you love it the same, know how many colors cats can have the color of eyes.


Cats With Different Colored Eyes

Something similar to what happens with many other species is that, at birth, kittens have bluish-gray eyes, all of them. Regardless of the color of the eyes of their parents. As the cat grows older, and at three months of age, we will begin to see how the color of its eyes gradually changes. The change will not be abrupt, so it will take a few months for us to see what color our cat will finally have.

However, this general rule usually has some exceptions, since some races are not born with blue or grayish eyes, but with a more reddish tone. This is because as the cats’ eyes get older, they tend to take on a more brown or earth tone, different from the greenish or hazel tones that the eyes of other cats of other breeds usually acquire. Siamese twins are usually one of these cats whose breed has reddish eyes at birth.

A case that usually occurs only in white cats is that of having one eye of each color, although, like the above, there may be exceptions. However, it is more common to see cats of this coat with one eye of each color than those of other colors in terms of fur. The eyes can be blue, green, brown, or yellowish in an indifferent way, although normally, the white-haired cats usually have blue or green eyes.

Cats With Different Colored Eyes

It is also common for tan cats to have green or brown or yellowish eyes rather than blue, or for gray cats to have green eyes. Although these are only generalizations, since depending on the breeds that make up each specific cat and the colors of their ancestors’ eyes will have one color or another, causing in some cases, as we have commented, that they get to have each eye of a different color.

In cats, as in many other animals, the fact that the color of their eyes suddenly changes may be the indicator of some disease, so do not hesitate to consult your vet as soon as possible if you think it may be happening something in the eyes or cat’s general health. The feline health professional will know, better than anyone, what is the correct diagnosis and treatment so that your cat can improve as soon as possible.

Don’t choose a cat simply for the color of the eyes or its breed. Before choosing which type of cat is best for you, do not hesitate to inform yourself of all that is necessary. In addition to the books and web pages specialized in cat breeds, you can also consult with a veterinarian who will be the most suitable for you or if it is better that you rescue him from a center, remember that you can give a better life to this animal and that he will pay you as a member of your family, giving you company and love that you can achieve with good care and careful training.

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